Hot springs mineral spa

The mineral spa of Therma rank amongst the most curative radio-mineral springs in the world and offer relief and healing in many diseases. Specifically, the radium spas of Apollonas and Kratsas, are used in the treatment of joint muscle and tendon related afflictions, cardiovascular diseases and the fighting of rheumatism and arthritis. Also, they are used in the treatment of neuralgia, gynaecological disorders, endocrine gland disorders, circulatory and respiratory system abnormalities and dermatological afflictions, especially psoriasis. These mineral spas are open from May until the end of October.

Apart from the above mineral spas, Therma also hosts the thermal spa of Spileo, which offers steam bath, sauna and swimming pool with sodium-chloride water and a small percentage of radium. The natural elements of these springs are used in the treatment of various illnesses linked to the respiratory system and the neck syndrome, but they are also appropriate for the hygiene, relaxation and rejuvenation of the body. The thermal spa of Spileo is open throughout the year.