Ikaria the island

Ikaria is one of the most particular islands of the north-east Aegean Sea. It is surrounded by various islands such as Samos in the eastern part, Fourni in the south-eastern part, Patmos in the southern part, Mykonos in the western part and Chios in the northern part. Ikaria took its name in honour of Ikarus who, according to the Greek legend, flew with his cereous wings too close to the sun, thus resulting to his death in the open sea near Ikaria, which was afterwards named Ikarian Sea.

Ikaria is though of as the island of diversity, and for a good reason. It is characterized by wild natural beauty, with a strong element of succession. From tall mountains, rivers, gorges and beautiful trails to enchanting sandy and rocky beaches with crystal-clear water, Ikaria is an island that can satisfy the taste and needs of the most demanding visitors.

Apart from the majestic scenery, Ikaria is also well-known for its traditional festivals, which occur mostly during the summer months. By participating in the festivals, visitors are given the opportunity to explore the secrets of traditional culture and music, by drinking the ‘Pramnios Inos’, a dark dry wine praised by Homer, and by dancing the ancient Ikarian Dance.

Yet, one of the most important reasons to visit the island of Ikaria, are the world famous thermal mineral springs with curative effects, for a range of chronic diseases. Prepare yourselves for a journey of healthiness and rejuvenation and enjoy the hospitality and tradition of a place where time flows differently!